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We are here to help you answer your concerns and questions about shipping your consignment.
We understand that it can be a confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be! Let us unclutter the process and make things simple!

Feel like you’ve got more questions? Feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to guide you.

Frequently asked questions and Guidance Notes.


What is the right service for me?

We offer a number of ways to send your parcel(s). So, what is the best option? Below is a guide to help you choose the correct service!

Air Freight

The fastest way to transport your items. However, goods are shipped to the airport of the destination county. You are responsible for the collection and customs clearance.

Require a door-to-door service? Sure thing! However, you will need to contact us to arrange this service.

Sea Freight

The cheapest way to ship a high volume of items. We offer highly competitive rates so our customers can ship while benefitting for great savings.

However, sea freight is significantly slower than air freight. If time isn’t of the essence, this might be the best option for you.

Land Freight

Moving home? Shipping to the EU? Land freight might be a highly cost-effective solution depending on the destination. Land freight is ideal when transiting goods within the county or to neighbouring countries within the EU.

What is a 'Packing List'?

Your packing list is a breakdown of items contained within your consignment. It is important with regard to customs regulations. Unsure about how to create one? Not to worry, we can help you. Simply contact us using our contacts page.

'Weight' & 'Size' of my parcel

Getting the correct size and weight of your parcel is very important as we require it to generate an accurate quote for you. It is also required by the carrier to determine the eligibility of your package for freight.

How to weigh?

We advise you to use a scale, preferably a digital scale, to weigh your package. Our quotation system requires you to measure your package in Kilograms (Kg)

How to measure?

We will require you to measure the following dimensions correctly: ‘Height’, ‘Width’ and ‘Length’. All dimensions will need to be recorded in centimetres (cm)

Use the diagram below for guidance.

What if I make a wrong measurement?

Not to worry! We understand these things happen. Any errors can be easily rectified at the point of collecting the goods from you. A member of our team will check the dimensions and weight of your package at the point of collection. 

Prohibited & Restricted Items

Certain restrictions apply to what items you can send using our service. These restrictions apply to items that are classed as either ‘Dangerous’, ‘Hazardous’ or ‘Prohibited’. We have compiled a list to provide you with some guidance.

If unsure, please contact one of our team members – we are happy to help!

Airbags for Cars
Ammunition & Guns
Camping Stoves
Christmas Crackers
Cleaners & Solvents
Compressed Air & gas Cylinders
Diesel, Fuel & Gasoline
Dry Ice
Fire Extinguishers
Hair Curlers (Hydrocarbon Gassed)
Infectious Substances
Life Jackets
Liquid Bleach & Chlorine
Nail Varnish
Paint & Turpentine
Pepper Spray
Perfume & Aftershave
Radioactive Material
Safety Matches
Seat Belts
Thermometers (Mercury  Based)

Hazardous Items

Any item bearing one or more of the labels below will be deemed hazardous.



Health Hazards

Harmful Substances



Environmental Hazard


Compressed Gas

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